Marcia Ferris

Internationally recognized as one of the premier Silk Artists of the 21st Century, Marcia’s graceful clothing and accessories have graced the covers of magazines and won awards in numerous events. 

With over 25 years of study and experimentation across a variety of media, Marcia’s work covers a broad spectrum of styles, colors, and materials.  With an expert focus on the complex art of silk painting, embroidery, and sewing; Marcia’s intricate craftsmanship and eye for form and flow results in stunningly beautiful wearable works of art.


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"More than 60 years ago I remember watching my grandmother sew doll clothes on her ancient treadle machine. I was fascinated and wanted my own machine. Years later, when I was in college, I received my first machine. After a career of teaching in elementary schools in Kentucky, Texas, Louisiana and Florida, my husband and I retired to Pennsylvania and now North Carolina. Along the way we reared 2 wonderful children, whom we have now joined in the Raleigh/Durham area of North Carolina. Included in the family are two brilliant granddaughters. 

While living in Florida over 20 years ago I began to experiment with silk painting. In the beginning it was simple – wet the silk, add dye and add salt. Over the years I progressed to many techniques as Serti (resist), abstract, Shibori, screening and printing. Even fun techniques such as using shaving cream as a thickener for dyes and potato starch to produce the crackle effect on silk were added to my list of techniques. Once I mastered the techniques I added my sewing skills to produce vests, jackets, scarves and other accessories. My garments and scarves can now be found in shows, galleries and at my home studio. Some awards were received along the way. 

At present I am a member of SPIN - Silk Painters International, and our local chapter of Piedmont Silk Painters."